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Georgia Nicolson Fans
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Attention All Georgia Nicolson Fans

Welcome to phwoaarrr! This community is all about you!

Pretty soon you'll be presented with challenges, simple ones meant for you to enjoy. What do I mean?

ex: Make a georgia LJ icon or write a journal entry as Georgia about a first date with Masimo, the italian-american heartthrob!

there are no winners, just the satisfaction of a job well done.
and every once in awhile we'll throw in a heated discussion about Georgia's world!

BUT it's not a community without a few rules!

1. All entries must be rated PG-13. Entries we feel are too mature will be deleted.
2. Posts should generally be about the challenge/topic presented for the week, but a few off topic entries won't be a problem as long as they are about the Georgia series.
3. You are entitled to your own opinions, but don't discourage others from commenting on how they feel.
4. When posting a reply to an entry, don't be rude. As stated above, we are all entitled to our own opinions.

this is a brand new community so expect it to be under construction once in awhile. I'll work to keep this running smoothly and make it fun for all.

anyone can join, thanks for your time.

- Skitch, community owner

bit nippy noodles in here, isn't it?